From the beginning, the independent cult filmmaker Robert Rodriguez wanted to make creative films over which he has absolute control. In order to get the money for his breakthrough piece El Mariachi, he didn‘t hesitate to sign up as a subject for experimental drug testing. The Mexican action movie that Rodriguez shot for seven thousand dollars, earned in this original way, intrigued Columbia Pictures producers enough for them to put his film into distribution and give him a contract for his next film, Desperado.

The Texan That Conquered Hollywood

At the core, Rodriguez was and still is just a big kid. In his movies, he likes to play with the newest technical tricks, which doesn’t mean that the film has to cost millions of dollars. On the contrary, he manages to save by using those tricks. The majority of his films are made in cooperation with his own Troublemaker studio. He makes his own decisions and doesn’t let anyone take control. To make comic book writer Frank Miller the co-director of Sin City, Rodriguez left the Directors Guild of America, whose rules prohibited it. The move conclusively excluded him from the chance to be awarded an Oscar, on which he commented: “I never wanted that ugly golden statue anyway.”

Master of his craft

Rodriguez always has everything under his control during shooting, starting from the first sketches and finishing with the last digital trick. He manages not only the directing, but also the script, cut and camera. From time to time he even composes the movie music. The majority of the work is done in his house in Austin, which he turned into a small film studio equipped with best digital technology. Thanks to that, he was able to spend an entire day filming a single shot in front of the green screen for the movie Sin City, and you can damn well see the painstaking work that went into that shot. In addition to filming, Rodriguez recently fulfilled his dream of independence and has started his own TV station, El Rey. The station mainly broadcasts TV series which are produced under his watchful eye and include his movie motifs.

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