Project implementation in connection to the “MOT for Men” brand

We would like to implement each of Petr Koukal Endowment Fund projects in connection to the “MOT for Man” as a symbol of men’s health. The goal of the projects is an awareness and information campaign regarding men’s health topics, building a “community of men” that actively cares for their health, and obtaining finance resources for specific assistance.

Run for a good cause

Come run with us and contribute to a greater cause at the same timel. Join the “Run for a good cause” community and at selected Run Czech races you can support our “MOT for Men” project!

Running and charity are closely connected, even if it doesn’t seem like it at first. You’ll see it especially at races and marathons around the world. Abroad, it’s natural to run for a charity organization. In the Czech Republic, this way of supporting a charity is only beginning; however it’s gaining more and more followers.

List of not-for-profits
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MOT for Men in Sante

The cooperation of Sante s.r.o (the first private healthcare facility in the Czech Republic), and the Petr Koukal Endowment Fund creates a unique partnership in the area of health care and prevention. The “MOT for men” project has been included in the Sante service catalogue as a special preventive examination which both checks the comprehensive health of the client and is particularly focused on uro-oncological problems in men (“chassis”).

More than 1000 students have participated in the “MOT for Men” Project

As a part of its awareness campaign, the Petr Koukal Endowment Fund has prepared “MOT for Men” roadshows for students of secondary schools. So far with our roadshow, we have visited Brno, where more than 600 students participated during the three sessions. During our second stop in Prague’s Svetozor cinema, over 400 students joined. In total, over 1000 students have participated in our educational program. The main goal of the project is to reach young men and persuade them to take better care of their health.


Maintenance manual for Men

“When guys start taking care of their health like they take care of their cars, we’ll have won!”

In addition to its other activities, the Petr Koukal Endowment Fund also offers an educational brochure called the “Maintenance Manual for Men,” which is given to secondary school students during the informational sessions. In this brochure, illnesses are compared to problems with a car. The author of the brochure is Jakub Pitr, fifth year student at the Faculty of Medicine at Charles University. Graphic design is provided by VLADO Graphic Studio.

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