What illnesses does MOT for Men try to prevent?

Testicular cancer

(Most often affects men age 15-40)

Male infertility

(Age 25 to 40)

Prostate cancer

(Most often affects men over 60)

Colon and rectal cancer „colorectal carcinoma“

(Most often affects men over 50)

We recommend a comprehensive preventative medical checkup, including:

  • Basic sight and hearing exam
  • Taking urine and blood sample
  • Check of internal organs and testicles
  • Follow-up urological, rectal, ECG and other exams
  • Comprehensive preventative medical checkup takes about 30-40 minutes

Where should I start?

Visit your general practitioner (GP) and request a comprehensive preventative medical checkup

relevant to your age, with a focus on the aforementioned risk of illness. ALL THESE CHECKUPS ARE FREE AT YOUR GENERAL PRACTICTIONER!
  • Or contact a specialist – UROLOGIST, CARDIOLOGIST
  • Or visit any private healthcare facility that performs comprehensive preventative medical checkups. In this case, the exam will be a paid service according to the tariffs of the individual facility and the range of above-standard services.

Don’t know what to do? Weren’t able to make an appointment at your GP or at a specialist?

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