Some of us sit for hours in front of a computer at work, while others run tens of kilometers or spend their shift lifting heavy things. Virtually every profession leaves its mark on our health. And though each job has its own risks, everyone should go for a preventative medical checkup from time to time.

Working with modern technology

Many of us sit eight hours or more every day in front of a computer, but we also work with tablets and answer emails on our mobile phones. It doesn’t seem like a difficult job at first sight; however, it is not ideal for our bodies. A sedentary job poses a threat not only to the cardiovascular system and cervical spine, but also the eyes and heart.

But that’s not all. You may come across an illness that you had no idea existed. Have you heard of tablet shoulder or text message neck? A study done at Harvard University found that while working on a tablet, we slouch unnaturally. The problem, however, is that there is no other way to work with it, and it affects our shoulders too. It’s not much better if you’re often emailing or texting from a mobile phone. We are basically asking for “text neck,” or even chronic backaches and headaches.

Working with people

Many people work in an office, in the hospitality industry or at a counter where they interact every day with many other people. Even these types of jobs have their downsides. There is a higher risk of infectious diseases, which increases with the more people they come into contact with. High blood pressure is another risk. This is mainly caused by unhappy customers that want to vent their frustration on the closest available person. It‘s also connected with the risk of depression and mental burnout.

Physically demanding work

Whether you work at a construction site or as a waiter that runs tens of kilometers every day, your job is among the most physically demanding. It may seem that this kind of job may protect you from many illnesses; however, scientific research finds that this is not true. The main risks are back pain, hernia or a slipped disc. And if you are working every day with a jack hammer or another vibrating tool, there is also a risk of Raynaud’s disease in your hands or fingers (suspension of blood flow). And don‘t forget that there is also the risk of various accidents.

The best/worst occupation?

If you are asking what the ideal job is for your health, then sports instructor is a good example. A healthy lifestyle is his job. On the contrary, the most dangerous job is bus or truck driver. This is due mainly to the long sitting hours and stress. Other examples are military missions in high risk areas, where one can face accidents, physical problems due to separation from family, and traumatic events. Nurses are also among the high risk professions. They are inflicted with both physical and psychological pressure. Experts recommend that working hours should not exceed 11 hours a day, as longer hours can cause depression.

It is interesting that not even a boring job is good for our health. According to the experts, it increases the risk of heart attack. Our heart gets used to the routine activity and is not ready for an unexpected work load increase.

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