5 Things that Women Do Better than Men

In the twenty-first century, the roles of men and women are not so clearly defined; yet women and men are more likely to have different talents in certain activities. See what a regular guy should […]

The Anniversary of Kaspar‘s First Public Flight

One hundred and seven years ago, Czech audiences had the opportunity to see the takeoff and landing of an airplane for the first time. The famous Czech aviation engineer Jan Kaspar made the first public […]

How Your Occupation Influences Your Health

Some of us sit for hours in front of a computer at work, while others run tens of kilometers or spend their shift lifting heavy things. Virtually every profession leaves its mark on our health. […]

Mick Jagger Always Had His Band Under Control

The Rolling Stones are famous for their rebellious reputation, sex, drugs and rock and roll. The fact that the band has been in the music business for more than 50 years, is due to the […]

A Visit to the Urologist Doesn’t Hurt a Bit

It is very easy to know when you have the flu or a sore throat. Testicular cancer is a much more dangerous illness, but is not as easy to detect in the beginning. It is […]

Jan Šibík: I Need to Physically Endure

For almost thirty years, he has been using his camera to capture the worst wartime conflicts as well as humanitarian and natural disasters across the globe. He has taken over two hundred trips to the […]

Firefighters Day – Congratulations

Every year on May 4, we recall the courage, endurance, resolve and skill of all volunteer and professional firefighters around the world. Guys, we thank you that today and every day you save our lives […]

Robert Rodriguez — the Filmmaker Who Doesn’t Need a Cameraman or an Editor

From the beginning, the independent cult filmmaker Robert Rodriguez wanted to make creative films over which he has absolute control. In order to get the money for his breakthrough piece El Mariachi, he didn‘t hesitate […]

Elon Musk: the Workaholic Who Wants to Colonize Space

Entrepreneur, billionaire, engineer, and above all visionary, innovator, and inventor – Elon Musk from South Africa is changing the world with his ideas. In addition, he has proven to all ordinary people that following your […]

10 Things You Need a Woman to Get a Man to Do

There are some things in life that are really important for us guys, but there are other things which seem essential to our partners that we just don’t care that much about. It’s only when […]