Even when I was young, I dreamt about winning the Olympics in badminton. I won junior tournaments, became the champion of the Czech Republic, and a representative in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. And I continued to dream. I was living under a lucky star.

But then, suddenly I found myself standing in the doctor’s office listening to him say, “Mr. Koukal, you don’t seem to understand. You’re not going to any training. You have a malignant tumor in your testicle and we have to operate today. Then you’ll need chemotherapy.”

I was 25 years old. Over time, I have found that there are more like me – even younger – at first sight strong and healthy. Early detection, successful treatment, faith, willpower, the support of those close to me and hard training all brought me back to a normal life and back to sports. Eventually I competed in the Olympics in London, where I had the honor to carry the Olympic Flag.

I believe that my journey did not end there and I will make it to a third Olympics, in Rio 2016. I also believe that thanks to all that I have experienced, I can bring to life the Petr Koukal Endowment Fund and its main project MOT for Men. Its aim is to get as many men as possible to get a full preventative checkup IN TIME!

Petr Koukal

Our Partners

MOT for Men

Motto:  “When guys start taking care of their health like
they take care of their cars, we’ll have won!”

prof. MUDr. Jiří Vorlíček, CSc.

Chairman of the Czech Oncological Society

This idea actually stood at the root of the “MOT for Men” project. We were looking for a link between the thinking and behavior of guys and their relationship to their own health. Why do most of us go to a doctor only when we’re fighting for our life or at least its quality?

We don’t have time, we don’t want to wait, it doesn’t affect us, it’s unnecessary – we have to die of something anyway. Our egos won’t let us admit that our health might fail; we’re ashamed…

It was this argument that brought us to our relationship with cars. With a car, we need to take it to the carwash, wax it and shine it, vacuum it, get something extra for it from time to time just to show off … and when the warning light goes on, take the car quickly to the service station where we put it through regular technical inspections, and we don’t find it strange to pay for them repeatedly. It’s something automatic for us; we take it as a necessary part of our life. Since childhood, we have convinced ourselves that that is just how it is! And that is the KEY – we take it for granted that it is necessary; that it makes sense to reveal potential problems.

Now compare your relationship with your HEALTH and your relationship with your CAR.

If you are among the 5% of men who go for preventative checkups, then we welcome you to the “MOT for Men” community. And those of you who do not go for checkups and are risking your health and life, don’t hesitate and join us – guys who take care of their bodies!


  • To implement an awareness and advertising campaign called “MOT for Men” – preventative checkup in TIME!
  • To build the “MOT for Men” brand, which should catch on and become a symbol of men’s proactive approach to their own health.
  • To start talking openly, communicating and breaking the TABOO on men’s health.
  • To carry out an awareness and educational men’s health campaign in the Czech Republic, using the personal story of Olympian Petr Koukal, who overcame testicular cancer at the age of 25.
  • To raise and highlight the issue of “men’s health” as a social subject that directly concerns every man, their relatives and their families, with an emphasis on serious men’s illnesses.


Testicular cancer

Age 15 to 35
(hundreds of new cases yearly)

Male infertility

Age 25 to 40

Prostate cancer

Age 50+
(4 deaths every day)

Colon and rectal cancer “colorectal carcinoma”

(The Czech Republic has long been first in the world in cases of this disease, with an increase of about 8,000 patients every year)
Many other illnesses that are not so frequent can also endanger your life. These include, for example, various cardiovascular diseases and many others. That is why you need to go for a preventative checkup from head to toe. One visit to the doctor could save your life.

Preventative checkup

Try to answer the simple question, “When was my last preventative checkup and do I even know what such a checkup should involve?”

Although each of us is entitled to this free visit to his GP every two years, only a few men actually take advantage of it.

Description of a general preventative medical checkup (focused on men):

  • A preventative medical checkup is a set of medical procedures (history, physical, laboratory tests) to assess overall health, to assess deviations from the norm and to send out results for further examinations with a specialist if necessary. This is done even if you have no problems.
  • The “initial checkup” should last no more than 60 minutes; repeated preventative checkups every two years usually take about 30 minutes. The examination is performed by the general practitioner (GP) with whom you are registered.

Where to go for a checkup

1. General practitioner’s office

  • As part of the regular monitoring of your medical condition, a general preventative medical checkup is provided by the GP you are registered with. Children and adolescents are usually invited to the checkup by the doctor. In adulthood, everyone must take care of their own health!

2. Private medical facility

  • Preventative medical checkups outside of a GP’s office are provided by private healthcare facilities. This is a PAID service according to the tariffs of the individual facility and the range of above-standard services.
  • As part of a partnership and in support of our fund, we have begun working with Santé s.r.o., the first non-state healthcare facility in the Czech Republic, to create a network of more than 1800 contractual partners. Santé, in cooperation with the Foundation Fund, has created a special preventive check-up called “MOT for Men,” focusing on men’s health and the most common illnesses in men.