In the twenty-first century, the roles of men and women are not so clearly defined; yet women and men are more likely to have different talents in certain activities. See what a regular guy should probably entrust to his female partner.

A tasteful gift for your boss’ fiftieth birthday

A stripper jumping out of a cake, a bottle of hard liquor or a Cristiano Ronaldo jersey might be a good present for you; however, it is not the best gift choice for your boss. If you don’t have any suitable ideas, get some advice from your loved one.

Choosing a Tie

If you are not a diligent subscriber of lifestyle magazines or an expert in men’s fashion, invite a woman to help you with your shopping. Most will usually select a much better tie for your suit than the one with the wild design and pattern that you selected.

Packing for a Business Trip

Never able to pack your documents, credit cards, medicine, laptop, at least two clean shirts, your notebook, glasses, toiletries, business cards and many other necessities for a trip, all which you cannot do without? Ask your wife for help; women are simply better at this.

Dining with Friends

Arranging an informal barbeque party can be better done by a guy, but if the dinner should be charming and elegant, it requires a woman’s touch and tact. They are masters of subtleties such as a stylish table setting or delicately steering the conversations at the table towards pleasant and non-conflictive topics.

Health Prevention

Even if you try to hide or make light of your small health problems to yourself and others, your partner knows you so well that she will quickly discover if something is wrong with you. So tell her what’s wrong, and if she sends you for a preventative medical check-up, go!

Text: Rudolf Král