There are some things in life that are really important for us guys, but there are other things which seem essential to our partners that we just don’t care that much about. It’s only when our wives, mothers, daughters or lovers make us pay attention to them do we realize all the things we’d been underestimating in our lives.

  1. Make a note in the calendar when your relatives have their birthdays.
  2. Fasten your seatbelt and don’t take off your coat or even your sweater while driving.
  3. Finally get around to insuring the apartment and cottage.
  4. Get a preventative medical check-up.
  5. Don’t start immediately blaming the cops after being stopped for a minor offense.
  6. Don’t drive through the intersection on a yellow light.
  7. Be careful about using bad words in front of the kids.
  8. Put salt your food only after you’ve tasted it.
  9. Think carefully about whether you should tell people what you really think about them after you’ve had eight beers.
  10. Don’t mess with electrical wires if you’re not an expert.

Text: Rudolf Král / Photo: